Thanks to the generous financial support from the City of Nogales, Mexico and the Nogales, Maquila Association, ARSOBO now has it’s own building. All services are provided at the new building located at: Nogales, Sonora, Calle de los Niños #15.



The number of recipients receiving medical devices has grown.


475 RoughRider chairs, constructed. One-third customized for children who need special accommodations have been constructed.

350 Individuals now have a prosthetic leg and can get out of their wheelchairs and walk without crutches!

Over 800 adults and children have been fitted with high quality hearing aids. Originally, the majority of our clients were adults but now roughly 60% are children.


The Hearing Health project has completed it’s fifth successful year and the number of clients continues to grow.

It is supported by a volunteer team of University of Arizona Audiology Graduate Students, Dr. Jim Dean and Dr. David Velenovsky.

ARSOBO’s Hearing Health team serves adults and children. The majority are children. Clients ages range from 4 months to 72 years.




Real Ear Measurements (REM)

Our program acquired a donated hearing aid fitting device called Real Ear Measurements (REM) that will improve our ability to fine tune hearing aids for children and adults.


Otoacoustic Emissions System (OES)

We have utilized the “Otoacoustic Emissions System (OES) to screen newborn infants.


Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)

We are grateful that Dr. Linda Norrix volunteered to be part of ARSOBO’s Hearing Health team. Dr. Norrix whose expert knowledge of Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) technology allows us to check newborns who fail a OAE hearing screen. Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) is sophisticated, advanced technology otherwise not available in Nogales, Sonora. This additional service will greatly benefit our clients.