All Terrain Wheelchair Shop

Run by wheelchair riders themselves, these technicians have a deep and personal desire to make the chairs available to those who cannot afford to purchase their own.

Juan’s conventional chair restricted his mobility

Narrow front wheels stopped him in soft ground and in sidewalks cracks. With his new RoughRider ™ Wheelchair, he is no longer restricted to smooth surfaces.

RoughRider™ Construction

RoughRider™ Wheelchairs are made with parts available from hardware stores a bike shops around the world.

Chair collapses for transport

Chair collapses for easy stow and go.


ARSOBO (Arizona-Sonora Border) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization focused on alleviating the physical, psychological, and economical barriers faced by individuals with disabilities by providing high-tech, low-cost medical devices that minimize their disability.

Our Philosophy

  • A not-for-profit ‘social’ business (the bottom line is for social good not for financial gain)
  • Hire those with limitations to construct the medical device they use or need
  • Charge an amount for the medical device to insure ownership and maintain a sense of dignity but charge only what the family can afford (subsidies will pay the rest)

Our Projects

  • Create a shop that constructs durable wheelchairs designed for rough terrain. Find out more about this first project which was started in 2011: The All Terrain Wheelchair Shop in Nogales, Sonora.
  • Help raise funds for persons who cannot afford to pay retail price.
  • Assemble high-tech low-cost hearing aids with a solar-powered hearing aid battery recharger.
  • Sponsor Prosthetic Clinics that enable persons who cannot afford protheses an opportunity to walk again.
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